Queen Rania’s Award for Community Champions “Ahel Al Himmeh”

“Each one of us has a role to play, and each one of us is a light that will illuminate when other lights fade. And if each one of us changes the destiny of one star, we will illuminate the whole nation with light and rays.’’
Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah

There is more to being a Jordanian than just living in Jordan. It’s about having a responsibility towards our country, being a part of its present, playing a key role in its future, feeling that our contribution is advancing our people and our communities.
Many Jordanians understand that responsibility. They go the extra mile to improve their communities. They are our unsung heroes: Men, women and young people who help those in need and bring smiles to faces with their devotion and hard work.
They are people with great ideas and strong wills; people who dedicate their time and efforts, not to be praised, but because they believe in the spirit of good citizenship. They know in their hearts that the hand that reaches out to help others; helps all Jordanians.
In celebration of the 10th year anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s formal accession to the Hashemite throne, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah has launched “Ahel Al Himmeh”.
“Ahel Al Himmeh” is a national initiative to recognize the outstanding work and diligent efforts of those unsung Jordanian heroes who create positive and lasting changes in their communities.
By nominating these unsung heroes you too are contributing to the spirit of the award, so we urge you to select people (individuals/groups) who you think deserve to be recognized.

Starting on June 10th, subscribers to Zain, Orange, Umniah, and Xpress can vote for the 10 Ahel Al Himmeh winners through their mobile phones.
By sending a free SMS to the number 94040, you can vote for 10 different nominees or groups at a time. In your SMS, please include the number associated with the candidate you have chosen in either Arabic or English.
Voting will end on June 16th, after which a ceremony will be held to honor the winners.  Please find below the 29 candidates and their respective voting numbers:

1.      Ahmad Gharaibeh 2.       Amen Gawabaa
3.       Intisar Khalil 4.       Brigitte Gasman
5.       Tamara Darawsheh 6.       Jamal Qteifan
7.       Hussam Ayyad 8.       Raghida Odeh
9.       Raja Safi 10.   Rasmiyyeh Khatib
11.   Rana Dajani 12.   Sameh Hatamleh
13.   Sweilem Rihani 14.  Abdul Aziz Abu Ghazaleh
15.   Ghaleb Khawaldeh 16.   Ghiya Irshedat
17.   Fatmeh Ananbeh 18.   Kyis Maqableh
19.   Ghor Safi Volunteers 20.   Warm Heart Group
21.   Mental Support Group 22.   Sanad Group
23.   Bayer Tent 24.   Mohammad Damanyeh 
25.   Mariam Abu Hammad 26.   Musa Zweiri
27.  Naeam Maayah 28.  Nihad Jadaan

Eligibility and Criteria:

1.         People (individuals/groups) who have brought direct or indirect benefit to Jordan’s communities;
2.         The nominee’s contribution must be innovative and voluntary-based (not professional-based);
3.          The nominee should be active in his/her/their community for a minimum of 18 months.

 This award will highlight the accomplishments of the unsung heroes in ten fields:
1.         Education
2.         Health
3.         Youth Leadership
4.         Arts and Culture
5.         Women Empowerment
6.         Sustainable Development
7.         Peace and Intercultural Dialogue
8.         Child Development and Protection
9.         Sports
10.       Community Empowerment 

Time scheme and selection process:

Queen Rania officially launched “Ahel Al Himmeh” with an Op-Ed published on the 10th of March; it will end with an award presentation ceremony in June 2009.

Nominations can be submitted as of March 10, 2009. The public will be able to nominate their heroes through filling a nomination form which will be available at post offices and online through the “Ahel Al Himmeh” website. The deadline to receive the forms is April 10, 2009. Applications will go through daily screenings, afterwards, a specialist selection panel comprised of independent experts and celebrities will select 30 finalists. After that, the public will be able to vote, free of charge, to choose the 10 winners.

The  award:

A seed fund of JD30, 000 will be given to each hero to support his/her/their endeavors. As well as 10 scholarships named after each hero. Heroes will also receive honorary certificates.

How can you participate?
You, whether based in Jordan or living abroad, have a big role to play in this initiative. You may nominate anyone you think has played an important role in his/ her community and was able to encourage others to do as well. 

The deadline for receiving nominations is Friday, April 10th, 2009.

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